5 Fun Facts About Your Vehicle's Battery

February 1st, 2017

Your battery is an integral part of your vehicle. Without one, you can’t start and operate your car. All batteries wear out and need to be replaced sometimes.


Here’s five fun facts that you never knew about your battery.

  1. Your vehicle’s battery is always draining when the car is off. Your vehicle’s battery starts to slowly discharge when your car is not driven for a certain amount of time. Your battery may wear out while you are gone on a long trip, if you have your car in storage, etc. That doesn’t mean that your battery needs to be replaced. But if it won’t charge you might need to be.
  2. Your battery has water inside. And the water inside your battery sometimes needs to be added to. Don’t use tap water. Make sure you use distilled water or purchase battery fluid from an auto parts store. Be careful not to spill or splash the water when going in, there’s acid in there too you know.
  3. There’s acid in your battery! That’s how the battery works! Part of your vehicle battery maintenance can and should include checking on the fluid in your battery.
  4. There’s more than one way to clean your battery terminals. Hang on while you read this, we’re not joking! You can clean corrosion off your battery terminals or battery at home using baking soda or Coke. Cleaning your battery helps it to last longer, but is this really the best way? Best? That’s arguable, but lots of people do it. You should disconnect the battery before, use gloves and eye protection. This is your car so be smart about how you are going to clean it. If in doubt, go to a professional mechanic shop and have it taken care of during your regular vehicle maintenance.
  5. A bad battery can actually harm your car. Weak batteries add more stress to your vehicle when you start it. This means that most power is needed through the starter can might cause damage to the starter. Although it might seem that the problem is corrected when you replace the battery, you should check for premature damage.
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