How To Maintain Your Car's Engine

April 24th, 2017

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a classic car passing you in the opposite direction, its engine, built fifty plus years ago, still rumbling away like it is brand new? Maybe you want your car to last as long, to pass your vehicle down the family line to your children to continue driving. Or maybe you don’t want to repeat having to pay all of that money and would rather keep the vehicle for as long as possible. For whatever reason, there are ways to maintain your car engine that can keep it running for years on end, hundreds of thousands of memorable miles. 


To begin with, remember that one of the key components of your engine is oil. As such, you need to make sure you change the oil on a regular basis and change the components that deal directly with oil distribution. These include the oil, air, and fuel filters, and the spark plugs. Making sure that you get these constantly checked is a great first step to maintaining your car. 


Another step that can be taken is to check your emission system. A vehicle’s emissions systems is highly complex system that takes the combusted oil and gasoline, sorts through it, and emits it. At times, the filters and system in general can become clogged up. As this occurs, oil burn-off can be caught up in the emissions system, slowing down the vehicle and causing major engine problems at time. You can have this inspected in your next checkup. 


A third action that can be taken is to maintain the transmission. Just like oil in your engine, the transmission literally moves your car forward. It is responsible for taking the energy created through combustion in the engine and transferring it to the wheels. If this breaks down, your car will not move. If it begins to break down, the car won’t drive smoothly. Keep the transmission in good shape and it will help you maintain the car. 

There are other items that need to be continually checked including the battery, the electrical system, and the suspension system to maintain your car. A malfunction of these parts tend to be rarer, and when they do malfunction, you will know almost immediately. They can be checked when you take your car for a tune-up, but these are not absolutely necessary to keep a constant eye on like the other items in this post. Come see Campus Tire Pros if you need an engine repair or engine rebuild! 

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