The Reasons That You NEVER Buy Cheap Tires

April 30th, 2017

We get it. You want to save money. Who doesn’t? But let’s give you a tip here: don’t skimp on paying on tires. At this point, with the amount of people screaming at you that you shouldn’t buy cheap tires we shouldn’t have to post here to tell you that, in fact, you really shouldn’t buy cheap tires. The reasons are pretty good and should make you think twice about cheap tires. 

To begin, we should turn to a Consumer Reports report done on cheap tires. As usual, Consumer Reports made sure that as many tires as possible were included. They ultimately came to the conclusion that many of these cheap tires had such bad quality that they were both not worth it nor were they safe. 

And this is the primary reason you shouldn’t buy cheap tires: they’re unsafe. Whether it is the tread type or the material they are made of, the tires do not hold up well in varying weather conditions. In particular, cheap tires do have good traction on wet roads, a weather condition that forces a vehicle to have good tires at the risk of the driver’s safety. 

Next, we can point to the costs. In this case, the cheap tire trade-off is a short-term savings, but a long-term cost. Sure, cheap tires are easy on your wallet, but when they malfunction—and they will malfunction—it could end up with you in a wreck. Your health, safety, and costs that you will face putting it all back together after a potential wreck so completely outweigh the money you save up front that it becomes an irrational economic choice. 

Quality is also a problem. Cheap tires have loads of problems that can be just plain annoying. These tires tend to be made of either subpar rubber or of materials that have no place as a tire. Oftentimes, they create annoying noise when driving, wear out more quickly, or make your normally smooth driving vehicle feel like it is driving on rough gravel. 

These are just some of the problems that are created by cheap tires. Commentators call them cheap for a reason: just because they save you money, doesn’t mean that they won’t fail you in the long run. Operating an automobile is dangerous and you need to take every precaution you can to make sure you are as safe as possible. Don’t shirk on tires: buy quality.

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